Light-House Diffusion Cage + LEE Filter Diffusers (3 pack)

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The Lume Cube Light-House is a lightweight, durable, aluminum housing for the Lume Cube LED light that allows you to modify and diffuser your light for creative purposes. The Light-House uses strong magnets that allow you to place one or more diffusers over the light source to soften the light output, as well as modify the color of the light. The front lip ensures the filters fit snuggly in place and can not be knocked off during use, as well as allow you to stack your gels/diffusers to create custom lighting to get the perfect shot!

Lume Cube has partnered with Lee Filters and uses their Zircon LED filters that last 200 times longer than standard lighting filters. Not only are Zircon filters longer-lasting than their standard counterparts, they are sturdier as well and provide a more accurate color temperature over time. They are manufactured using a 180-micron material, and are more than double the thickness of a normal lighting filter. This makes them more durable and avoids degradation of the color after multiple uses.

LEE FILTER Zircon Range Diffuser Details

  • 812 Diffusion 3 (Y=60%) Lightest Diffusion - Stop Value 2/3
  • 811 Diffusion 2 (Y=50%) Medium Diffusion - Stop Value 1
  • 810 Diffusion 1 (Y=43%): Strongest Diffusion - Stop Value 1 1/3 

- Soften your Lighting with three levels of Lee Filter Zircon Diffusers
- Magnetic and Stackable to apply your filters with eaze. Create variations of diffusers by stacking attachments
- Portraits, Vlogging, Broadcasting, and Photography / Videography are great uses for the Light-House + Diffusers
- Three Levels of Diffusion with a soft, medium, and strong diffusion option
- Additional Gels/Grids sold separately. 1-Year Warranty

  • One (1) Lume Cube Aluminum Light-House with Magnetic Mounting Surface
  • Three (3) Lee Filter Zircon LED White Diffusers (Light, Medium and Strong Diffusion) 

Customer Reviews

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A must have!

I'd like to think the frame adds a wee bit of protection to the already sturdy lumecube. Otherwise.. it's a must have if you need to use any of the diffusers and gels. The magnetic connections are really quite strong- no worries on that. Sort of wish they would just sell this along with the lumecube or as a very basic 2 pc bundle.

Very Nice...

Like all of their products....Simply great!!

Small package with great light coverage.

When you are limited on your carry on every item in your production pack has to be worth the space and weight... with this requirement my Luma Cube and diffusion cage is a must have. I have 4 for Key, Back and Fill for my mobile production.

Flexible, sturdy, but app needs work

Love using my pair of Lumecubes, both for direct video and stills, and as kick, fill, and backlights in any number of situations. They're well-designed and built, hold a long charge for the photoshoot, and are great to throw in the go - bag. The app, while promising, isn't that intuitive in controlling the cubes, and doesn't synch well enough with the Android platform to be "set-and-forget." I warmly recommend the system, overall, however, and look forward to updates to the app.

Light-House Diffusion Cage + LEE Filter Diffusers

An awesome well thought product - and easy to carry around!