Lume Cube DSLR Photo/Video Mount with Base Stand

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The Lume Cube DSLR Mount was designed for the Content Creator who's shooting photo or video with a DSLR and needs the ability to mount their lighting anywhere, whether on or off camera, for creative and effective illumination of their photo or video. The DSLR Camera Mount includes a cold-shoe adapter which is compatible with any DSLR Camera on the market (since NO DSLR Camera offers built-in constant light for video, on-camera LED Lighting is essential for capturing high-quality photo and video content). The DSLR Mount is considered the "triple threat" of photographic mounts, as it offers 3 different adapters for the three most essential devices in your kit: Shoe Mount for on-camera video, 1/4" 20 Tripod Mount for off-camera placement, and a 3/8" Light Stand Adapter for mounting the Lume Cube to ANY Light Stand on the market and giving your light 360º adjustability.

  • 360º adjustability via the ball head for angling your light in any direction
  • DSLR Shoe Mount for mounting Lume Cube lighting on any DSLR Camera on the market 
  • Male 1/4" 20 tripod thread on top for mounting of Lume Cube, Microphone, etc
  • Female 1/4" 20 tripod mount on bottom for mounting the Ball Head Mount on any standard industry tripod
  • Female 3/8" Light Stand Adapter built-in for mounting the adjustable Ball Head Mount on any standard industry Light Stand
  • One (1) Lume Cube DSLR Camera Mount with Cold Shoe, Tripod, and Light Stand Adapter
  • One (1) Base Stand with Shot Mount for Lume Cube DSLR Camera Mount

    Customer Reviews

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    Essential item for non-camera mounted Lume Cubes

    These stands let me make easy and precise directional changes to the lights. They are simple and balanced, but most important they help me get better product shots with less frustration.

    Fantastic Lights!

    Very good lights. Compact and they hold a good charge. They are fantastic for outdoor use.